Meet The Winx - Gina Tognoni (Tecna)





Bonds With - Digit, Pixie of Nanotechnology, Chicko the duckling, Lithia, Selkie of Zenith’s ocean gate

Birthday - November 28, 1973

Origin - Zenith

Powers - Technology

Character Description-

She is the Fairy of Technology. Gina is extremely smart and loves technology. She is from the planet Zenith and draws her powers from technological and energetic sources. Self-confident and a perfectionist, her knowledge of science makes her the go-to girl for creating devices to get herself and her friends out of trouble. Gina loves to discover and master the latest video games, gadgets and computer programs. Sometimes she gets engrossed with technology, and her enthusiasm with technology can be annoying. She is always practical and logical, sometimes to a fault. Gina has trouble expressing her emotions and bases the majority of her decisions on pure logic, though in the second and third seasons, she gets over that and is more open and friendly toward her friends. She then becomes unselfish and nice to them and begins to truly care for them, even if she can’t always show it. Her pixie is Digit, the pixie of Nanotechnology, and her magical pet is Chicko, the duckling. She has bonded with the gatekeeper of Zenith, Litzia. She loves science, and she does a lot of experimenting in her spare time. She also has a photographic memory. She loves computers and video games. She is Galen’s girlfriend. Her birthday is November 28. She loves video games and dolphins, and her favorite colors are lilac and green.

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